Eli Grey


We are announcing Zerodrop, an open-source stealth URL toolkit optimized for bypassing censorship filters and dropping malware. Zerodrop is written in Go and features a powerful web UI that supports geofencing, datacenter IP filtering, blocklist training, manual blocklisting/allowlisting, and advanced payload configuration!

Zerodrop can help you elude the detection of the automatic URL scanners used on popular social media platforms. You can easily blocklist traffic from the datacenters and public Tor exit nodes commonly used by URL scanners. For scanners not included in our default blocklists, you can activate blocklist training mode to automatically log the IP addresses of subsequent requests to a blocklist.

When used for anti-forensic malware distribution, Zerodrop is most effective paired with a server-side compromise of a popular trusted domain. This further complicates incident analysis and breach detection.

Live demo

A live demo is available at dangerous.link. Please keep your usage legal. Infrastructural self-destruct has been disabled for the demo. To prevent automated abuse, users may be required to complete CAPTCHA challenges in order to create new entries.

Update: We have decided to restrict access to the demo to prevent abuse.

Zerodrop geofencing & blocklist training