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Encrypted DuckDuckGo with Google Suggest search plugin

I made a version of Nathan Friedly’s DuckDuckGo + Google Suggest search plugin that only uses encrypted endpoints, and I would like to share it with everyone else. It uses the encrypted versions of DuckDuckGo and Google Suggest so no one can eavesdrop on your searches (except DuckDuckGo and Google, of course).


In most browsers, the following link should work for you: Install encrypted DuckDuckGo with Google Suggest search plugin. If you are having any trouble installing the search plugin, refer to the detailed instructions by Nathan Friedly for the original search plugin. For manual installation in Opera, replace every instance of http:// with https:// and replace every instance of suggestqueries.google.com with encrypted.google.com.

Encrypted Google Search and Suggest search plugin

If you’re looking for an encrypted search plugin but want to keep using Google, I made that too. Install encrypted Google Search and Suggest search plugin.

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  • Awesome! I put a link to this page in the instructions.

    • Itsme_410

    is it possible to make a similar plugin for midori? that would we really helpful!

    •  I haven’t ever tried out midori, but if it supports search plugins, then this one should work without any modification. If not, then that’s a feature they’ll need to add, not something Eli or I can do.

        • Itsme_410

        Thanks very much! It does support search plugins, but this program refuses to install because it is not Firefox or chromium, etc. Any suggestions? Even bluffing it to pretend that it is firefox does not help.
        Btw, midori is available at  http://www.twotoasts.de/index.php?/pages/midori_summary.html

        Thanks again!

        • Apparently I had a typo in the DDG + Google Suggest install link. Clear your cache and refresh this page and try again.

          • Oh, hah, I already had it installed, so I didn’t bother to try your link.

            • Itsme_410

            Eli, thanks very much for helping me out, but i still get the following:
            JavaScript: Your browser doesn’t support OpenSearch plugins.

            Alternatively, I get:

             JavaScript: Ut-Oh, it doesn’t look like your browser can handle OpenSearch plugins. Nothing was installed.

            when I try Nathan’s plugins.

            Do you have any suggestions? I really appreciate your taking the time!!

          • Nathan and I don’t examine your user agent. We attempt to use the standard method to add OpenSearch providers and if it throws an error, we alert error messages like those. I think your browser probably doesn’t support OpenSearch (at least through JavaScript; it may possibly work using elements).

          • Take a look at the various manual install methods on ddgg.nfriedly.com and see if something similar to any of them work for you.

            – Nathan

            Sent from mobile phone.

            • Itsme_410

            sorry to be back, but i am trying a new browser called xxxterm.

            this browser has a configuration file where we put in the search engine in the following way:

            search_string = https://duckduckgo.com/?q=%s

            how do I replace this to be able to use the encrypted duckduckgo with google suggest search plugin?

            many thanks!

          •  I’ve got no idea.. where do you come up with these browsers!?

            • Itsme_410


            Try the browser, though! You may love its snappy performance….


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