Eli Grey

jData now supports IE8 beta 2

I just now added support for IE8 beta 2 in jData 0.0.3. IE8 beta 2 has always had (for the most part), correct implementations of localStorage and postMessage, the two things that jData is built around. It was relatively easy to add support for IE as all I had to do was use attachEvent (window.onmessage doesn’t work in IE8 beta 2, which is also true for Firefox 3), fix Array.prototype.indexOf, and make get requests return null instead of undefined (which JSON wouldn’t stringify) when they should return null for it to work. Undefined objects in localStorage are supposed to return null (like how Firefox and Safari handle it), but IE8 beta 2 returns undefined.

I also added a new request type to jData, called “untrust”. Untrust is useful for giving a website the ability to remove itself from the trusted hosts list without telling the user to go to the jData Manager (which was also updated to work in IE8 beta 2). Untrust always returns true because if the host is already untrusted (default), nothing else needs to be done.

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