Eli Grey

JIL 0.0.4

At this time I would be introducing Noteboard 2.1 but since the source files to that are on my corrupted hard drive, I began working on a updated version of JIL. One new great feature is chainable method calls.

Changelog for JIL 0.0.4:

  • JIL is now a function with properties, not just an object. Usage: JIL([prop [, arg1 [, ect]]]); The JIL function either returns itself or a property specified in the first argument if there is only one argument and it is not a method.
    • JIL("get", "OpenID", console.log) is the same as JIL.get("OpenID", console.log) and returns JIL
    • JIL("trust") will run JIL.trust() and returns JIL
    • JIL("origin") will return JIL.origin
    • JIL("undefined property that doesn't exit") returns JIL
  • JIL method calls are now chainable
  • No longer removes listeners if they are not already set
  • Added JIL.requestCallbacks.reset([key])
  • Replaced all single quotes with double quotes because I felt like it
  • JIL.loadFrame([readyCallback]) now passes readyCallback the JIL function
  • Added JIL.changeHost([origin [, path[, callback]]]) for easy host changing
  • JIL.query now only adds a callback if it is a function
  • JIL.handleMessage renamed to JIL.handleResponse
  • Grouped the fields first then the methods in the initialization for orginization
  • JIL.generateID removed and an anonymous ran-once function named safeRandID with collision prevention was placed inside JIL.query
  • JIL.frame.contentWindow.postMessage’s second argument is now always JIL.origin instead of “*”

You can download JIL 0.0.4 from code.eligrey.com/jdata/jil/0.0.4/

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