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Voice Search Google Chrome extension

Voice Search screenshot Voice Search is an open source Google Chrome extension I made that allows you to search by speaking. For example, just click on microphone and say kittens to search for kittens. If you specifically want pictures of kittens, say google images kittens. Want to learn more about World War II? Say wikipedia world war two. The source code for Voice Search is on GitHub.

Voice Search comes pre-loaded with many popular search engines by default, and you can add your own user-defined search engines. It also integrates a speech input button for all websites using HTML5 search boxes, all of the default search engines’ websites, Facebook, Twitter, reddit, and GitHub.

In later versions, I plan to introduce ability to import/export settings, create aliases (e.g. map to Google Maps and calculate to Wolfram|Alpha), OpenSearch description detection, and scripted terms that do more than open URLs.

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    • Guillaume

    maybe a one click functionality will be appreciate, we don’t need the pop up confirmation
    Great app
    Thanks a lot
    Guillaume (fr)

  • Sorry, but that’s not possible at this time.

    • Me

    What is about supporting speech in other languages, Russian, for example?

    Thank you!

    • Meeuhoiu

    I can’t find the icon!!
    its soo irritating,

    • Arindam Ghosh

    Is it possible to get n-best results instead of only the best one?

    • Mimi

    Hi – can’t get this to work on a cr-48 – do you know if it’s possible? thanks

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    • Moliere

    Hey there,my name’s Moliere,I have a question.
    “I’ve already installed VOICE SEARCH”on my computer,but when I click on that ICON,nothing works.
    Am I missing something or what,please HELP!!!!

    • Polaris
    • Josh
    • Геннадий Генералов

    Good afternoon. I’m using your extension voice search in google chrome. Thank you for that.But I have a problem with its use. I hope you can help me. Search All text fields shallfine, but not in the address bar searches. When you click on the button in the upper right corner of Google Chrome, nothing happens.

    • Onan Farabi

    Impressive, this is remarkable. It even can understand indonesian accent.

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