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mumbl is a JavaScript library that makes it easy to play music and create playlists on web pages.


A demo is included with mumbl but if you dont want to download it, there is also an online demo.

Please note that mumbl is not the player in the demo. mumbl is the back-end and the demo is just an example of using mumbl.

Supported Platforms

Supported Platforms

  • HTML5
    • Firefox 3.5+
    • Google Chrome 4+
  • SoundManager 2 (version 2.95b.20100323+)
    • Firefox 1.5+
    • Opera 10+
    • Google Chrome 1+
  • Songbird 1.4+


API documentation can be found in the readme.


  • 0.1.1
    • Better error handling.
    • loaderror event.
  • A while after version 0.1 is released
    • Create a simple library that makes all MP3, OGG, WAV, etc. links be able to be played using mumbl.
    • Make the demo mumbl-powered music player (it will be renamed “mumblr”) portable and reusable.
    • Remove jQuery dependency from mumblr.
    • Make the track title display scroll (maybe using a <marquee>) when it overflows.
  • Version 0.2
    • Full compatability with every major browser.
  • The distant future (maybe version 1.0)
    • Create a simplified flash audio back-end for mumbl that integrates much more nicely and has a smaller file size than SoundManager2.

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  • Dude, awesome work. This will save me lots of time when setting up music players in the future. Thank you!

    One comment for others:
    I didn't realize the plugin was conditionally using HTML5 in modern browsers to play the audio and degrading to Soundmanager2 for browsers that don't have HTML5 yet. It's a great feature, but the issue is that different browsers support different codecs. I spent 5 hours pulling my hair out trying to figure out why Chrome would play my MP3 file but Firefox would not. It turns out Chrome supports the MP3 codec, but Firefox doesn't. I needed to specify an alternative .OGG version to get my song to play in Firefox. A brief paragraph in the readme explaining this would have saved me a lot of time.

    Other than that, this library is great. It makes it so easy to do the common things that I want to do with a music player that Soundmanager2 doesn't give you out of the box. LIke next/prev track buttons, volume and looping controls. Great work!

    • Glad to hear that you like it! On the issue about codec support, I’ll try to remember to add a notice to the readme eventually. Also, mind linking me to your mumbl-powered music player? I see that you mention “buttons”, so I’m guessing that you repurposed my reference player. Sorry that the reference player is such a mess :p

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