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I made a simple notepad called Noteboard out of my necessity to make notes while browsing the web but not wanting to have to open up a seprate application to put the notes down and not wanting to store them on an external server. It is called Noteboard because it’s main use for most people would to a notepad to store text off of your clipboard. My solution was to make a webapp that uses the JavaScript globalStorage object to locally store what is typed into the text box. It also supports the tab key. To make it even more secure from someone (aka. me) from reading what you have locally stored for Notepad I have put this webapp on it’s own subdomain so I can’t use globalStorage on the main site to find out what you are typing on Noteboard. Noteboard currently only works for Firefox 3 and up.

Noteboard – noteboard.eligrey.com

Alternate Noteboard – noteboard.nfshost.com (this one uses the domain, nfshost.com, so there is NO possibility of me reading your notes.)

Embedded Edition – Everything in one file.

You may host Noteboard on your site as long as you keep the CC license in it.

I may also get a new domain just for noteboard if I can find one that isn’t already registered. (maby something like noteboard.it)

Bookmarklet to launch a Notepad popup: Noteboard (drag to bookmarks)

Update: I also added a status bar that displays the word stats and Noteboard doesn’t use the browser statusbar anymore because most people have JavaScript changing status bar text disabled.


<tab>Hello world! My name is Elijah Grey.
I am 123 years old. My website is www.eligrey.com

Returns these stats: Lines: 2; Words: 15; Characters: 87; Spaces: 14; Numbers: 3; Tabs: 1; Total Whitespace: 16

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