Eli Grey

Passwords viewer

Less than a year ago, I made a passwords viewer written in XHTML and JavaScript to view exported xml files from the Password Exporter Firefox addon. It was made to make human-readable (I know XML is readable but the exported XML can be much harder to read than tables and if you have it Base64 encoded you would have to decode all of the Base64 encoded attributes, one by one) text tables with the hosts, usernames, and passwords in the exported xml files for my personal use. The text table dynamically resizes with the longest values and is meant to be stored in a text file encrypted with a master password. I was using my passwords viewer today and thought I would share it with everyone else who uses Password Exporter.

You can download the passwords viewer (XHTML) or try out the online version (also XHTML) displaying a text table of a fake example passwords file. Due to this webapp being meant to help out people who use a certain Firefox addon, I only made it so it works in Firefox. Disregard that, I made it cross-browser* with 1 small tweak. The normal version is made for local use on your computer’s filesystem ONLY and the online version works both online and on your computer’s filesystem but requires you tto type out the filename instead of picking it with a file picker. Appending a query or hash string containing file=FILENAME to the end of the URI will auto-load the passwords file specified.

*Except for IE. I see no reason to waste my time on making something like this work in IE.